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    环亚国际网官网The exaggeration of this statement nettled Mary. She clicked her tongue. “Oh, DON’T be so silly! Surely you can write and explain? Mrs. Phayre will understand . . . that you had nothing to do with it.”


    “Here you are, madam — read for yourself!” and he pushed a crumpled letter into her hand. “It’s those AUSTRALIA FELIXES we have to thank for it. What a glorious piece of luck, Mary, that I should have stuck to them and gone on paying their wretched calls, when every one else let them lapse in despair. John will be green with envy. And this is only the beginning, my dear. There’s no telling what they’ll do when they get the new plant in — old Simmonds says so himself, and he’s not given to superlatives as you know. — Yes, it’s good-bye to poverty!”— and forgetting in his excitement where he was, Mahony flung round to pace the floor. Baulked by the narrow wall of the cabin, he had just to turn to the right-about. “It means I can now pick and choose, Mary — put up my plate in Collins Street East — hold my head as high as the best.”
    Tilly burst into a roar. “I should say not, indeed! Why, my dear, I can remember ’im when ‘e was only SO ‘igh,”— and she measured a foot from the ground.
    “What did he say?”


    1.“Ah! but such a dear, kind, generous creature . . .”
    2.And this was not wholly due to imagination. For, after going up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and taking a peep over the side, he felt so sick on reaching the ground that he had to go back to the hotel and lie down.
    3.And her private doubts and scruples notwithstanding, Mary could not but feel pleased and proud, for Richard’s sake, at the stir caused by the announcement that he had no further need to practise medicine. Congratulations showered on him. Himself, he laughed, in his new, happy fashion. “I declare, so much fuss they make, I might have discovered the North Pole.” And having got him safely away from the tyrannic rules Mrs. Devine considered essential to his comfort — or the comfort of his blue blood — and settled in a furnished house near the Carlton Gardens, Mary prepared to guide him gently and imperceptibly along the road she thought it for his good he should go. In doing this, however, she found herself up against a stone wall, in the shape of a hitherto unsuspected trait in Richard: a violent aversion from returning on his traces. When it dawned on him that she was still hankering after Ballarat, he lost his temper, and vowed with the utmost vehemence that WHEN he was done with a place he WAS done, and wild horses shouldn’t drag him back to it.
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